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Most stable IPTV APK in the world. Welcome to have a try. 2014-07-03

Most stable IPTV APK in the world. Welcome to have a try.

全球最穩定的IPTV APK,歡迎試看


 Program Is King.

Live TV is super stable, smooth and high quality!

--Supported by dedicated server.

     QNetHD is a boutique brand in IPTV set-top box and APK. Adhering to the "Program is King" & "Stability means everything," we supply the most exciting, the most stable live TV channels in the world. All the channels are from the first-hand source, no copylink(hotlink) at all. Now, our products can support the hot live TV channels from China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arab, Africa, America & Europe, and still in increasing according to the market demand.



To meet the market demands, we not only supply high quality IPTV set-top boxes, APK application software is also available for some products. Please find the following APK for your reference.


a)       HDIP5100, 港澳臺華語/歐美英文/菲律賓節目IPTV APK

    HDIP5100, HK/Taiwan/Macao/Americ/Europe channel IPTV APK

b)       HDIP5200, 馬來西亞Astro/港臺華語/菲律賓/歐美節目高清安卓IPTV APK

   HDIP5200, Malasia Astro /HK /Taiwan /Macao /Philippine /America /Europe channel IPTV APK

c)       IPTVSO, 馬來西亞Astro全頻道直播電視節目APK.

IPTVSO, All live TV channel APK of Malaysia Astro

詳情請參考Ref: http://www.qnethd.com/cn/products.asp?Sid=3

直播电视节目列表请在http://www.qnethd.com/en/down_list.asp 下载或与我们联系。

For channel list, please download on http://www.qnethd.com/en/down_list.asp or email us.


我公司APK支持短期試用。We support short-time APK trial.


歡迎選購,量大從優!Welcome to choose and buy. Big quantity is with preferential treatment.